Music: DJ Boring

DJ Boring has done it again. Following Winona, the pressure was on, and he has delivered. Could he be the next big thing? :



Music: 4 Avant-Garde Albums

Maybe you will like these albums, maybe you won’t, but either way they will probably challenge your ears:





Finally, Reich composed this song with text from Wittgenstein:


Music: A E S T H E T I C I S D E A D

It’s 2017.  Let’s do a quick retrospective on the best vaporwave albums of the last few years:





Perhaps the greatest vaporwave/video song of all time:





I’ve posted this before, but this list would be incomplete without it, so here it is again:



Same with this one:






Simpsonwave, sailorwave, etc:




E M O T I O N A L  T O K Y O :






Another classic:




Here’s some future funk:



And finally:


Happy new year

Film: The Revenant

One of the greatest environmentalist films in recent years, The Revenant is at it’s heart a story about the irony of humanity’s attempts to end it’s own suffering by dominating and destroying the natural and social world on which it depends for survival. In the clip above, the first few shots celebrate the grandeur of the wild. The silky streams of water and bright rays of sun through lush and dripping moss. The crags of frozen snow drifts are invitations to appreciate the tender majesty of the Earth. But next, the beauty of pristine nature is juxtaposed with the bleak piles of dead bison skulls, a dusky sky lit only by the moon, and the frozen camera lens covered in snow, looking up into a the obscured and fading treetops. Why are we seeking revenge against the natural world, which causes our suffering but means us no harm? Is it our place to reject the suffering our human existence forces on us? If we somehow reach our goal and dominate the acute causes of our “species specific” pain, we will inevitably become disillusioned from our physical world, forced to live in exile from our natural condition, as Rousseau feared. Which would be the greater loss: life without relief from suffering or life without wild beauty? The Revenant warns that our choice may come back to haunt us.