Music: Lo Fi Deep House

Here’s what I’ve been listening to recently:



Happy holidays:







Here’s one I would like to learn the bass line for and play with my brother:





Happy New Year


Film: The Revenant

One of the greatest environmentalist films in recent years, The Revenant is at it’s heart a story about the irony of humanity’s attempts to end it’s own suffering by dominating and destroying the natural and social world on which it depends for survival. In the clip above, the first few shots celebrate the grandeur of the wild. The silky streams of water and bright rays of sun through lush and dripping moss. The crags of frozen snow drifts are invitations to appreciate the tender majesty of the Earth. But next, the beauty of pristine nature is juxtaposed with the bleak piles of dead bison skulls, a dusky sky lit only by the moon, and the frozen camera lens covered in snow, looking up into a the obscured and fading treetops. Why are we seeking revenge against the natural world, which causes our suffering but means us no harm? Is it our place to reject the suffering our human existence forces on us? If we somehow reach our goal and dominate the acute causes of our “species specific” pain, we will inevitably become disillusioned from our physical world, forced to live in exile from our natural condition, as Rousseau feared. Which would be the greater loss: life without relief from suffering or life without wild beauty? The Revenant warns that our choice may come back to haunt us.

Music: Vaporwave subgenre: S I M P S O N W A V E

A friend showed me the above simpsons lay-z rider couch gag video while we were exploring the 80’s retro miami synth genre. Soon after that, I found this whole subgenre of vaporwave videos called simpsonwave:

Yep, there’s even a simpsonwave video for Trevor Something’s famous track Summer Love. Much better than the video for this song I posted last time:

Here’s a one hour mix for extended listening:

Music: Electronica: Jon Hopkins, Crywolf, and Trevor Something

Here’s a random sample of stuff I’ve been listening too over the last month. I heard a dj on the radio play this first song synced up with obama’s first inaugural address. I made an extended version here:

Next up: this beautiful rendition of the Iclandic hymn Heyr himna smiður

After the viral video of Maggie Rogers blowing away Pharrell Williams with her song Alaska, I found this remix:

I’ve covered Trevor Something before, but I found this new video and thought it was worth sharing as an example of delusional pop vanity:

Finally check out this live show by acclaimed artist Jon Hopkins:


Music: Mellow Dark Girl Power Pop

I had a moment of what I would call emo/dark/pop girl power a few weeks ago. Maybe it was the election. I don’t usually listen to stuff like this but anyway here’s what I found.


This next one is ok. It’s super poppy, bordering on muzak, and I’ve only listened to it a few times. but I like the hook and chorus synth. Someone should remix this song:

Also check out this nightcore edit of the above song. I’m not generally into nasally “Avril Lavigne”-style female vocals, but this version seems to be more popular than the original:

And finally, a classic :

Music: Turkish Disco Folk, Tycho Burning Man set, Com Truise

I’ve been listening to a lot of random stuff that youtube suggests for me. Recently it’s been disco remixes of Turkish folk music:

Tycho’s new album came out a few days ago. They played an unreleased version during their epic burning man set in August. Also check out the amazing Com Truise track towards the end.

Tycho – Spectre (Bibio Remix) 0:00
Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy 4:17
Tycho – Montana (Christopher Willits Remix) 8:50
Maribou State – Natural Fools 14:55
Krankbrother – When You’re Watching Me 20:00
Cubenx – Blazing 29:09
Rival Consoles – Ghosting 35:23
Hammer & Ludd – Controller 39:00
Tourist – Run 45:16
Tycho – Epoch 48:58
Tycho – Horizon 54:40
Tycho – Source 59:51
Tycho – Receiver 1:04:59
Tycho – Division 1:07:26
Tycho – Glider 1:11:23
Tycho – Local 1:16:18
Tycho – Rings 1:19:00
Com Truise – Silicon Tare 1:22:47
Jonathan Wilson – Desert Raven 1:26:50


Music: Descending into Japanese Noise

I found this song last November. I like how obnoxious it is. It’s not noise, but it’s what led me in that direction:


From there, I started looking for more punky grungy noisy stuff and dipped into this Japanese band called Melt Banana and their song First Attack:

Finally, earlier this Spring, a local music venue had a series of Japanese Noise artists coming through, and I caught a concert by this guy:


Which led me to this guy/group, who performed in the same venue a month later:

Yep. That’s some noisy stuff.

Backing up for a second from the sheer intensity of these sounds, I wandered into this next artist for a few weeks: Ryoji Ikeda

I like the use of recordings of “found” sounds and the minimalist approach to creating beat and atmosphere. There’s so much space in those songs because of the way the artist mixes very sharp snaps, pops, beeps, sign wave forms, white noise and static with an underlying bass tone in the foreground, but then periodically fills that space out with reverb and more melodic mid-range background samples.

Plus, his visual installations are amazing:

Finally, I’ll leave you with something soothing. It has a melody, so it doesn’t really fit with the other songs, but the cascading sounds of things falling on a table are interesting: