Photography: Nick Brandt – Inherit the Dust


Nick Brandt has been photographing the transformation of African landscapes and the disappearance of animals from their natural habitat for decades. His latest photographs are especially haunting. Placing prints of his previous work in the midst of the human landscape that has replaced what was there before, he provokes a nostalgic blend of majesty and loss. See his full portfolio here. [click on each photo to see it fullscreen]









Smithsonian_Wall copy_1

What once was is no more: Passing like a thought, flight into memory

– James Prosek (2014)



Photos: Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko

Last month, the European Space Agency craft called Rosetta put a lander called Philae on the surface of this comet. This was a historic moment for mankind. The photos that were transmitted by the craft back to Earth are stunningly beautiful. Here are a selection.



For size comparison, I have included renderings of the comet hovering over New York City and Paris.


John Malkovich and Sandro Miller recreate iconic photographs

The Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago will have an exhibit dedicated to the work of photographer Sandro Miller from November 7th to January 31st. Mr. Miller and John Malkovich, who have been friends for almost two decades, decided to put together an homage to iconic photographers, recreating their photos with Malkovich in the leading role. The results are funny, gender-bending, and a testament to both artists’ skill in the art of portraiture. Here’s link to the gallery’s website for more information.


Music: Tycho

Tycho is the name of the musical project created by Scott Hansen. He makes ambient rock and it is addicting. He is also known for his design projects for which he goes by ISO50. His website is awesome


Through Scott’s website, I found the photography portfolio of an artist named Navis.


Listening to Tycho’s album Awake while scrolling through Navis’ photos with a beer or a glass of wine in hand is a wonderful experience.